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3 Best Luxury Replica Watches Of 2015

Tech News Today takes a look at the best luxury Replica Watches that are available in the market today

Replica Watches SaleWearable technology like Replica Watches Sale are the new it fashion accessories that incorporate computers and electronics to provide functions that make life easier. Wearable technology has slowly become the next big thing in the tech industry, as smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung have released their line of Replica Watches.

Even though wearable technology have got its fair share of criticism, Replica Watches and fitness trackers are flying off the shelves crazy, as consumers like the idea of freedom from their smartphones and tablets. The vision behind wearable technology is that users can have access to their computer everywhere, and with Replica Watches, consumers can finally have a computer that they can wear in the form of a smart watch.

The Apple Watch which was introduced early this year, has been an instant hit amongst Apple users, as they like the fact that they do not have to take out their smartphone every time they receive a notification. Apple’s biggest competitor is Google’s line of Android Wear devices. The devices that run on Google’s Android OS are developed by a number of manufactures like Motorola with the Moto 360 and Huawei with the Huawei Watch.

However it is not only smartphone manufacturers, who are developing Replica Watches, now luxury watch makers have also jumped on the wearable technology bandwagon and released their own line of luxury Replica Watches, as they look to make the most of this lucrative market. Today we take a look at the top five luxury Replica Watches that are available in the market.

Tag Heuer
Tag Heuer revealed the company’s first smart watch earlier this year in partnership with Google, and is the first smart watch of its kind to be powered by an Intel chipset. The Tag Heuer Connected hosts a gorgeous round design, which has been the standard for most Tag Heuer watches. The watch is made with Grade 2 Titanium, with a sapphire glass, that protects the display from drops and scratches. The watch has a 46mm diameter and is 12.8 mm thick, which makes the watch a little bulky but because of the titanium, the watch only weighs 52g. It comes with a black rubber strap, though there are different color options, which can be purchased separately.

The most exciting aspect of Tag Heuer’s new smart watch is that it is powered by an Intel Atom Z34XX chipset which makes for an impressive performing device. For a luxury smart watch that starts at $1500 the screen is below par as the 360 x 360 LCD only gives a 240ppi pixel density. There is also 4GB of RAM that helps power the device with a 410mAh battery that the company claims will provide 25 hours of battery life.

The Tag Heuer replica watches runs on Google’s Android Wear OS that has become the standard for most Replica Watches available in the market today. The Connected watch comes with three digital faces, in three different colors, though Tag Heuer has promised many more watch faces in the near future. The watch dials resemble the Tag Heuer Carrera models, with the same chronograph dials which make the watch look mechanical. The live dials of the watch feature all functionality options such as timer, alarm and stopwatch. There is also a “live information” feature which gives access to updates such as weather and news.

After Tag Heuer released its first smart watch, luxury watch maker Breitling also added a smart watch to the company’s impressive portfolio. The B55 Connected is Breitling’s first smart watch, as it tries to make a device that has basic productivity functions and stays true to the core of simplicity and effectiveness of the device.

Breitling’s first smart watch stays true to its roots, as the company has built the same Swiss timepiece, which took the company to its current heights. The company says that it is targeting towards pilots at the moment, as the watch packs excellent time, keeping features, which are supported by a B50 super quartz movement. The new smart watch is able to connect wirelessly to your smartphone and the functionality of the watch can be adjusted with the app, that is available on all app stores.

Breitling Replica Watches has adapted a different approach for its smart watch, as there is very little space for customization on the display. All the functions such as changing time and setting alarms can be set on the app, which then wirelessly syncs with the watch. Another cool feature is that, when you set the time on the app, the digital and analog buttons of the watch automatically adjust to the set time. As all Breitling watches, the B55 Connected also packs features for pilots such as timing a flight or choosing the exact minute, when a plane leaves the ground. All this data also backs up and syncs with the app, which makes it easier to check something once you resume normal functionality of the watch.

There are however a number of things, that are missing from what one expects from a smart watch today, such as text messages, social media and weather updates and apps that are found on most Replica Watches in the market today. It could make sense that Breitling has not included all the features that are found on most Replica Watches today, as it has stayed true to the roots of providing a watch that is connected, yet still functions mostly as a normal watch. The watch is expected to be revealed at the BaselWorld Show in Switzerland and that’s when the price will also be revealed.

FredriqueSwiss watchmaker Fredrique Constant which has been known for their beautiful Swiss replica watches for the last half-century recently unveiled the company’s first Horological Smart watch that combines an old-school watch with all the tech features that one would expect from a smart watch today. FC wanted to create a watch that is simple yet helps a user achieve the basic functionality such as alarms and fitness tracking.

The watch’s time can be changed via the app that is available for Android and iOS. Setting alarms and reminders can also be adjusted using the watch’s app. There are no options for notifications and FC this will help achieve the battery life of over 2 years. The watch comes with a leather strap though there are plenty of options that the consumer can choose from, such as a rubber silicone strap and stainless steel.

The biggest draw of this new smart watch is how well it handles all your fitness needs with the Motion X module that has been built-in the watch. This makes the watch great for fitness enthusiasts who like the classic design and are not fans of the numerous activity trackers that are available in the market today. The watch is priced at $995 and with a luxury brand, is a relatively cheap price. If you are looking for something that doesn’t give away your classic look, yet provides most features one would expect from a smart watch today, the Fredrique Constant Horological Smart watch is for you.