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Four more from suspected Detroit Rolex Replica smash-and-grab gang indicted for Wisconsin heist

20150928121356The suspected bandits operate out of Detroit and have been conducting similar robberies targeting Rolex Replica watches in mostly the Midwest and Eastern U.S.

The latest indictments include four men and a woman, all in their 20s and from the Detroit area. One of the men is already facing indictments for crimes originiating from other jewelry store robberies.

The new indictments stem from the robbery of Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds in West Bend, Wis. on the afternoon of Dec. 29.

One of the members of the band entered the store and began asking a sales clerk questions, stating they were purchasing a belated Christmas gift for someone, when the rest of the suspects entered and smashed display cases with a sledgehammer.

They left the store with 30 Rolex Replica watches valued at $300,000 and fled in a minivan stolen from a park-and-ride lot in Indiana. The van was later located running with the doors open. A woman’s Rolex Replica watch sale and some bloody glass from a display case were inside.

A witness said the suspects exited the van and fled in two separate vehicles.

Investigators, suspecting they might be part of the Detroit-area criminal group, subpoenaed cell phone tower records and tracked three numbers to the Metro Detroit area.

Two of the suspects, DeAngelo Hayes, 23, and Aliya Rahman, 21, remained at large as of Thursday. The others have been arrested.

Federal agents arrested and charged 17 people connected to the Detroit smash-and-gab ring in October.

Authorities said they were involved in up to 40 such thefts in 2014.

How to name a Rolex Replica Watches

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Telling the difference between a Carrera and a Daytona is easy, as is spotting an Aqua Terra from a Terra Luna. You don’t even need the brand names to help you. But what about separating a Helios from a Yally? These are the names chosen for two new Rolex Replica Uk collections by two Swiss brands with a presence in Hong Kong and China that is difficult to conceive unless you have been there and seen the giant billboards that dominate the skyline. Although very different in name, the two new models presented today on World Tempus both embody the ultra-classic style that appeals to the Chinese consumer, combined of course with an affordable Swiss Made calibre. They go to show that at a certain price point buyers are definitely making their choices based on looks rather than brand or collection names.

Inspired by a photo showing 18 Rolex Submariner “Comex” Rolex Replica Watches on the Internet, David Chokron offers some interesting insights into the notion of exclusivity in Rolex Replica Watches making. Can a one-thousand-piece limited edition (not to mention a 15,007-piece one) really be considered as exclusive?
Our build-up to the GPHG 2015 officially starts this week as Camille Gendre takes a look back over 14 years of Aiguille d’Or winners. Will she find a pattern that could give a hint about this year’s winner? We will continue over the coming weeks with a look at the members of the 2015 jury and some interviews with previous winners.