Chanel replica watches blooming brilliance Cultural Center in Paris

Chanel replica watches
Chanel replica watches

Last summer, Chanel replica at the Louvre in Paris Spring Department Store opened a new franchise Chanel replica watches Fashionable shops, department store last January at the Carrousel providers gallery opened, just at the entrance to the famous Paris museum.Store Hours As of September 1, take advantage of the summer months of the tourist season. Bathed in Coco Chanel replica’s iconic black and white world, boutiques also exhibited some beautiful pictures, talented photographer Patrick Demarchelier with film them for eternity, Chanel replica recently most of its activities are taken by him, and named “Chanel replica moment.”

Boutiques are also open to visitors to the museum, they went to look at Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece “Mona Lisa” on the road, you can also enjoy Chanel replica J12-365 watch her maiden appearance and elegant triple folding clasp, of course, There J12 Blue Light watch, white high-tech precision ceramic, with a blue luminescence, elegance in the slightly cute.”Fashionable shops open approach is reference to past experience, in 1987 we opened the first franchise boutique in Avenue Montaigne watch, that opened a new era for the Chanel replica watchmaking.” Chanel replica watches, Global Director Nicolas Beau said, “Our goal is always to produce more fine watches, so that the machinery to aesthetics service.”For a highly regarded brand of creativity and aesthetic value, close to France’s most respected cultural sites (Louvre), one of the layout of the intersection of the two provides an excellent condition, Chanel replica also take this opportunity to put its Luxury historical heritage and traditional culture closely together.

“Chanel replica’s charm comes from its appeal.” Nicolas Beau explained, “1921, No. 5 perfume was not based on fashion trends launched, there is also a black miniskirt and quilted bags.” Luxury products can be obtained by contacting the arts and art features, such as unique, legitimacy and durability. “Chanel replica fashion products to meet customer demand, enduring.” Nicolas Beau said, “There are few luxury brands to have products with long-lasting vitality, and this is precisely Gabrielle Chanel replica brand gene is injected into where things . ”

Over the years, Chanel replica also trying to bring art and luxury products linked to their own ideas. For example, in 2008, Chanel replica commissioned Pritzker Architecture Prize winner Zaha Hadid designed the futuristic 700 m² Chanel replica mobile art galleries, the museum is filled with 20 international contemporary artists commissioned products, they all want to learn more about the brand’s iconic Chanel replica 2.55 quilted handbag, that shall be used by Coco Chanel replica in 1955, personally hand-designed black leather wallet. Boutiques near the Louvre international cultural destination, regardless of the length of the opening hours, will make the brand benefit from the rise of cultural tourism.

According to the data, “Art News” published last April, the Louvre last year received a total of 9.3 million tourists, not only the most appealing tourist attractions in Paris, the most visited museum or the world, more than London, the British Museum (about 6.7 million) and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (approximately 6.3 million).Printemps CEO Paolo de Cesare explained that the museum business district and luxury shops meet two main needs of visitors to buy luxury goods and enjoy the cultural charm.

Louvre, the number of visitors is expected to grow by 30% over the next decade, 2025 visits expectation is 12 million, the highest income this year alone is estimated to reach 20 million euros.Many high-end watch brands, including Chopard, Rolex, Montblanc, Hermes and Parmigiani have already settled in the Carrousel du Louvre Corridors, with 2015 “Salon Belles Montres” luxury watch exhibition held here, on the list brand most likely will continue to increase.