2 Most Expensive Rolex replica Watches In the World

There are only a few people around the globe still unfamiliar with the name Rolex replica, and we’ll bring you the list of the 11 most expensive Rolex replica watches in the world. Rolex replica isn’t just a luxury brand, but relatively affordable one as well – at least compared to some other watchmaker brands. Take Patek Philippe for example. The Geneva-based company sells timepieces with stickers soaring high in six digits, and all that in serial production. By the way, here’s our list of 7 most expensive Patek Philippe watches to prove our point. Rolex replica isn’t as expensive as Patek Philippe and its timepieces usually come with five-digit price tags. Of course, they too might cost much more. Most expensive Rolex replica watch to date, 1942 Chronograph, has been sold for more than $1.16 million at a Christie’s auction. On the other hand, six-digit Rolex replicaes are either celebrity or limited edition diamond-adorned models which are, naturally, unavailable in Rolex replica catalogs at the moment. With this in mind, we won’t consider any of currently unavailable or outdated models, and only those timepieces that are currently listed on Rolex replica’s website will be considered.

RolexLet’s take some time to get familiar with the Rolex replica brand now, shall we? The company was established in 1905 in London under the name Wilsdorf and Davis, by its founders Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. It didn’t take long after the Great War for former of the two to relocate to Geneva in order to avoid heavy war taxes imposed by the British government. Together with the relocation came the new name which adorns many a gentleman’s wrists to the present day. What distances Rolex replica from other luxury watchmakers is its output. The company produces more than 2,000 timepieces on a daily basis which adds up to more than 750,000 units a year, leaving Omega far behind at second place. For comparison, Omega produces slightly more than half a million pieces per year.

As for our sources and methodology – we have decided to keep things as simple as possible. As mentioned above; only current models will be considered. Furthermore, we’ll rate any watch by its retail price, even if similar models with different design pattern make the list altogether. Our retail price sources are many, including Luxury Bazaar, LSM Watch, Swiss Luxury, Gemnation, Jomashop, Alan Furman & Co, etc. It’s not always easy to find the price and they tend to differ with different sources. That’s why we have used the average retail price where available. This is pretty much all there is to it, so let us start with the list of 11 most expensive Rolex replica watches in the world.

1. Pearlmaster 29, white gold and diamonds (diamond bracelet)

Average retail price: $70,850

Just to clarify – there are a few available ladies Pearlmasters with similar price tags, but the most expensive currently offered is one that goes under the reference number of 80299. It has a bezel and bracelet made of white gold, adorned with diamonds. You might find a few outdated models with the same retail price out there, but current one features pink dial with diamonds. For comparison, let’s say that similar Pearlmaster made of yellow gold costs $2,400 less while one with rose gold bezel and bracelet costs $13,850 less.

2. Day-Date 36, platinum and diamonds (president bracelet)

Average retail price: $74,200

The article under reference number of 118346 is stylish, elegant and simple. And expensive, of course. This 36mm men’s watch has a platinum bracelet and bezel set with diamonds. Silver dial with diamonds perfectly matches the rest of the watch, making it inconspicuous, yet extravagant. Like most of Rolex replica timepieces and all of them from the list – Day-Date 36 is powered by complex and precise perpetual mechanical movement.