Four more from suspected Detroit Rolex Replica smash-and-grab gang indicted for Wisconsin heist

20150928121356The suspected bandits operate out of Detroit and have been conducting similar robberies targeting Rolex Replica watches in mostly the Midwest and Eastern U.S.

The latest indictments include four men and a woman, all in their 20s and from the Detroit area. One of the men is already facing indictments for crimes originiating from other jewelry store robberies.

The new indictments stem from the robbery of Husar’s House of Fine Diamonds in West Bend, Wis. on the afternoon of Dec. 29.

One of the members of the band entered the store and began asking a sales clerk questions, stating they were purchasing a belated Christmas gift for someone, when the rest of the suspects entered and smashed display cases with a sledgehammer.

They left the store with 30 Rolex Replica watches valued at $300,000 and fled in a minivan stolen from a park-and-ride lot in Indiana. The van was later located running with the doors open. A woman’s Rolex Replica watch sale and some bloody glass from a display case were inside.

A witness said the suspects exited the van and fled in two separate vehicles.

Investigators, suspecting they might be part of the Detroit-area criminal group, subpoenaed cell phone tower records and tracked three numbers to the Metro Detroit area.

Two of the suspects, DeAngelo Hayes, 23, and Aliya Rahman, 21, remained at large as of Thursday. The others have been arrested.

Federal agents arrested and charged 17 people connected to the Detroit smash-and-gab ring in October.

Authorities said they were involved in up to 40 such thefts in 2014.

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Replica Breguet Art and Innovation Exhibit

How fitting that a revolutionary and tech-forward city like San Francisco has the honor of being the locale for “Breguet Replica Watches: Art and Innovation in Watchmaking,” the largest exhibition of Breguet antique timepieces ever to be shown in the United States. Considering how Breguet’s cutting-edge innovations transformed the nature of personal timekeeping, it is apropos because this exhibition clearly shows why Abraham-Louis Breguet is “the father of modern horology.” Emmanuel Breguet, historian, VP for Montres Breguet, took us on an exclusive tour of the exhibit, which will be on display at the beautiful Legion of Honor from Sept. 19, 2015 to January 10, 2016, before we enjoyed an elegant gala dinner attended by Breguet fans from Europe, Asia and the United States Replica Watches Sale.

It’s no coincidence that the exhibit ends on the birthday of Abraham-Louis Breguet, who died 192 years ago today (Sept. 17) at the age of 76. Make sure that you check out this first-ever unique retrospective of his work that we know the most ardent horology enthusiasts like yourselves are sure to find educational, interesting and, trust us, simply dazzling to view. Cast your eyes on more than 70 pocket watches, clocks and horological instruments dating from the time of this pioneer and his successors.

From its beginnings in Paris in 1775, Breguet advanced great technical developments such as the winding watch, the first wristwatch, the repeating mechanism and most notably, the tourbillon. Breguet played a key role in the history of watchmaking, elevating the craft to its zenith by producing finely made watches that were a pleasure to handle and use.

The exhibition clearly presents the work of an innovator who had such a decisive influence on his craft—time measurement. One of IWC Replica watchmaking’s chief characteristics is its dual nature: it belongs as much to the world of science and technology as that of the decorative arts. The items presented are all of immense quality representing both scientific objects and objets d’art.

When you visit the splendid Legion of Honor, you’ll find an exhibition that deals with Breguet’s lifework by themes, ranging from the simplest Swiss replica watches (models with a single hand) to the most complicated (those providing multiple indications), and from purely scientific objects (marine chronometers) to exquisitely refined decorative clocks (such as those with bronzes by Thomire).

The horologist created a company known for its ingenuity, as well as the reliability and portability of its Piaget Replica watches. It’s no wonder these objects of desire were worn by the powerful and elite in Europe, including Napoleon Bonaparte, Tsar Alexander I and Queen Victoria. His reputation was to create special pieces for his most prestigious clients, including the very first wristwatch, produced in 1810 for Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples.

The most famous cheap Breguet Replica timepiece linked to a European monarch is the world-renowned “Marie-Antoinette” pocket watch, No. 160. This extraordinary piece took 44 years to make and was the most complicated watch of its time. A replica is on display at the Legion of Honor and we know you’ll enjoy seeing it. Travel clocks, another Breguet creation, were made of bronze with ancient-styled pillars and capitals. When you visit this exhibit you can relive the history of late 18th century and 19th century Europe – in particular the period of the French Revolution, the Napoleonic adventures and then the period of the Congress of Vienna – through the life of Breguet and his family. History is retold when one looks into the travel clock purchased by Bonaparte just days before his departure to Egypt. One of our other favorite pieces was a small gold ring watch whose alarm was a tiny needle that pricked the wearer’s finger at the appointed time, sold to Count Paul Demidov in 1836. We also loved the diamond “touch watch,” sold in 1800 to Empress Josephine Bonaparte, who only had to feel the timepiece’s pointer to figure out the time.

Adding life to the timepieces are the paintings that surround them. For instance, when you gaze at  the “touch Replica Watches UK,” a stunning blue-enameled gold case with a diamond-set pointer and touch studs of large round diamonds, from the front of the case, you’ll also see a large painting, Empress Josephine in Coronation Robes, 1807-1808, by François Gerard on the back wall. Other art works include Napoleon Bonaparte on the Bridge at Arcole, 1796-1979, by Antoine-Jean Gros, Queen Marie Antoinette and Two of Her Children Walking in the Park of Trianon, 1785, by Adolf Ulric Wertmüller and a portrait of Abraham-Louis Breguet, done before 1800.

It truly was a joy to be amongst the first to experience this exhibit, whose entrance is not only eye-catching but ear-catching as well. At the front, you’ll see the large face of the “simple Cheap Replica Watches UK” sold to Napoleon’s second wife, Empress Marie-Louise, in 1813 and across from it, the inside casing showing the sight and sound of the ticking movement of that same pocket watch. A fitting ending to the evening gala was the dessert served at dinner: an almond orchard cake topped with an edible version of Empress Marie-Louise’s timepiece.

Time travel with Jaeger-LeCoultre Replica Watch

The Duomètre Unique Travel Time, a comparatively snappy title by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s normal standards, is a replica watch that would be thought extraordinary from most replica watchmakers and even from Jaeger-LeCoultre themselves 20 years ago. Instead the Travel Time is typical of the Le Sentier company’s style these days, a replica watch of the sophistication that is now the expected standard.

While the company is celebrating its 180th anniversary this year with some admittedly very special replica watches inspired by the archive, the Unique Travel Time captures the development of Jaeger-LeCoultre over the last few decades perfectly. It draws on archive in terms of its sheer inventiveness and a very pared back design scheme, while at the same time relying on the latest movement design and manufacturing techniques.

The main idea behind the Duomètre series is to use separate drive trains for time-keeping and other functions (the first Duomètre was a chronograph), the point being to isolate the time-keeping from any potential interference. In this Swiss replica watch, the two “wings”, each having a 50-hour power reserve, show home time and “travel time”, a quickly adjustable second time zone. The two elements share an escapement and are both wound from the same crown (winding anti-clockwise for the home time and the reverse for the travel time).

On the dial are two replica rolex watches faces and a rotating day/night world map, the home time is shown on the right in conventional style while the left hand dial is in “jumping-hour” format with the hour displayed digitally. The local time can be advanced and retarded using the push-buttons on the side (the time can also be set via the crown allowing for those time zones that differ from GMT by fractions of an hour).

Useful as the Travel Time is, the real point of the replica watch is to show off quite how well Jaeger makes and designs its replica watches: there’s a perfect balance between the different elements on what is a very complicated dial and a horologically intriguing set-up below, seemingly achieved without any unnecessary compromise. The finishes applied to the dial and the movement give the replica watch a lustre. The only down-side to the Unique Travel Time is that you will have to visit Jaeger-LeCoultre’s boutique on Place Vendome to see it!

The World of Worldtimer Replica Watches

In the early 1930s, nearly 50 years after Greenwich, England was established as the prime meridian of the world’s 24 main time zones, Swiss watchmaker Louis Cottier created a mechanism to display them all on a single watch dial. By the end of the decade Vacheron Constantin had produced the first worldtimer pocket watch, and Patek Philippe is credited with creating the first Cottier-inspired World Time wristwatch. (Time has also been good to their value: In 2002 a 1939 platinum Patek Philippe World Time watch set a then record at auction, selling for more than $4 million.) By the 1950s Rolex tried to further simplify the complication by creating a watch, the GMT-Master, set to Greenwich Mean Time and a home location, a function especially useful for pilots.

Today, of course, world timer Replica Rolex Watches are invaluable to every corporate Magellan who does business across multiple time zones. Patek still makes a World Time watch that looks remarkably similar to its early models, while Greubel Forsey has elevated the GMT with a rotating globe on the dial and a world time disc with 24 cities on the back of the movement. And every time you look at your wrist, you are reminded just how small a world it is after all.